Stephen D. Sullivan & Jean Rabe’s Blue Kingdoms

“There is somewhere an endless sea of what was, and is, and e’er shall be.”

The Blue Kingdoms universe is a World-Sea filled with adventure and excitement! It is not unusual for islands, or even whole groups of islands, to suddenly appear or disappear. A civilization can spring up one day only to vanish the next. Additionally, the laws of science and magic can vary from one island (or area) to the next. The seas between the islands are plied by Freemariners — a hardy blend of merchants, mercenaries, and freebooters.

Blue Kingdoms collections include: Pirates of the Blue KingdomsBlue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters, Blue Kingdoms: Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns, Blue Kingdoms: Buxom Buccaneers, and Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic.  Stories include: “The Gift of the Dragons,” “Sisters in Arms,” The Blood-Red Isle, Festival at Wolfnacht, “Snowraven,” and “Monster Shark,” among others.

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The original, old-school Blue Kingdoms page is curently unvailable.

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