Tales of the Blue Kingdoms on Kickstarter!

Spend a week or more working on a Kickstarter and then forget to announce it on one’s website…  Who would do that?!

Well, me.  Sometimes, I’m a dumbass.

On Tuesday (2/7/23) I launched my 4th Kickstarter, my first since 2016.

Tales of the Blue Kingdoms, Books 1 & 2

These twin volumes collect 20 years of stories I’ve written in the Blue Kingdoms fantasy setting — every story to date.

Backers of the Kickstarter are getting eBooks, print books, exclusive wallpapers, and bookplates.  All those bookplates will be signed by me  if we reach our next Stretch Goal, which, as I write this, is a little over $100 away.

Did I mention that the Kickstarter is already funded, and all the rewards complete, and that I will be sending out rewards as soon as the funds reach my bank?  And the Kickstarter only lasts one week — which is already halfway over.  (Yeah.  I learned a few things from the last time.)

The Kickstarter ends on Valentine’s Day (2/14/23), and luck and the universe willing, I’ll be sending out rewards by the end of the month.

So, maybe I’m not a dumbass.  Because by forgetting to tell y’all at the start of the Kickstarter, I get to tell you that it’s happening and about to reach its first Stretch Goal.  Which means this train is already rolling.

Jump aboard by clicking here or the link above and backing Tales of the Blue Kingdoms, Books 1 & 2 NOW!