Steven Paul Leiva’s CREATURE FEATURE now on Audio!

Last year, my buddy Steven Paul Leiva release a really fun retro-monster book, CREATURE FEATURE, about a horror host who returns to her home town only to find it occupied by… But that would be telling.

Anyway, it was a great, fun book, and now it’s even cooler, because he’s just released a SUPER audio book adaptation — done by top Hollywood stars (who just happen to be friends of his).

The eBook is now on sale (Cheap!) with a great opportunity to pick up the audio  and/or the print book at the same time!

Here’s an excerpt, to wet your whistle…

Vivacia shimmied herself off the round bed just as her agent, who was ironically named Al Hart, came up and handed her a cup of coffee, which she took with gratitude and downed with alacrity.

“Baby, sweetie, that was great! I still have chills running up and down my spine.”

Vivacia looked at her agent, a genial man who was never seen wearing anything but a three-piece gray suit draped over his skinny frame, and, one inferred, lifts in his shoes, as well as a gray fedora to keep Chicago’s wind from sweeping across his bald pate.

“How is that possible, Al?” Vivacia asked in her deep, silky voice. “I didn’t know you had a spine.”

“Are you kidding, kiddo? It’s steel, I tell ya, steel.”

Vivacia handed her now empty coffee cup back to Al and left the studio floor to walk down a corridor to her dressing room. “Yeah, yeah, sure.”

Al, who actually did not have an office in metropolitan Chicago, but rather in a nearby suburb in a room over the garage of his “ancestral home,” quickly put down the cup and reached into his inside coat pocket and withdrew with pride a folded document and hurried to follow the mistress of the night.

“Well, maybe this will prove it to ya, baby. I got your new contract right here. And I got you a great deal. Three years, no ifs, ands, or buts. A 2.3% raise over those three years. And your dressing room repainted.”

Vivacia continued down the corridor, shouting back, “Al, I told you, no way!” And when she spotted the nineteen-year-old “associate producer” of Vivacia’s House of Horrors down the corridor just about to dash into editorial, she shouted forward, “GEORGE!”

At the deep-voiced, silky, yet pointed command of the vampire woman, George stopped midway through the editorial door. Vivacia came up to him and held the “lizard-on-a-stick” with the generous bite out of it right in front of his fuzzy face. “What the hell did you fashion this ‘lizard’ out of?”

“Ah…” George’s eyes darted right, then darted left, then up, possibly in supplication to a supernatural being for protection, then down in avoidance as his mouth formed a feeble smile and he barely articulated, “Lizard.”

“Youuuu bastard,” Vivacia said with a chill in her voice and revenge on her mind.

“Gotta go!” George dashed into editorial and quickly closed the door.

Vivacia began down the corridor again. “If my mind weren’t already made up, that would have done it!”

Al quickly followed. “Listen, please, this is a great deal! It’s the highpoint of my career!”

Vivacia stopped, turned, burned a look into Al’s pinpoint eyes, and said, “Al, getting a second client would be the highpoint of your career.”


SDSullivan talking again… As you can see, it’s fun and funny, and anybody who’s a fan of old monster movies or Elvira or Vampire or horror hosts is bound to get a kick of it.

Directed and narrated by Seamus Dever, voiced by Juliana Dever (both from the hit show, “Castle”!) with music by Ray Zeigler!  (see bios at bottom)

Here’s that link again —

Give yourself a good, thrilling laugh and pick it up!

Juliana Dever is a professional actor, writer, and world traveler.  She’s best known for her role as Jenny Ryan on the globally popular show Castle. Recently you may have seen her brilliant per-formance in “Stalked by My Husband’s Ex” on Lifetime. Having traveled to over 60 countries, her award-winning travel blog (named Best Independent Travel Blog in North America) helps readers find unexpected experiences in unusual places. She curates ad-ventures though former communist countries and Frommer’s listed her tours as a trend that will shape travel.
Seamus Dever is best known to television audiences as Detective Kevin Ryan on ABC’s Castle. He played Sherlock Holmes in the Audie Award-winning “Hound of the Baskervilles” with LA Theatre Works and has 10 other radio plays with them and the BBC. He is the voice of the villain John Seed in the hit video game “Far Cry 5” and originated the DC Comic’s bad guy Trigon on “Titans.” Dever has performed in over 80 plays and has 300 hours of television to his name. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Juliana.
About the Author:
A Scribe award-winner, receiving the praise of Ray Bradbury and the Oscar-winning film producer, Richard Zanuck, Steven Paul Leiva is no stranger to the business of telling a good story. Author of several novels, and with a writing-style that lays hard on the satire, this Hollywood-escapee doesn’t pull punches when it comes to politics.
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