Dr. Cushing – Halloween 2020 Blog Tour

Hey, all, my friends at PSST… PROMOTIONS have set up this cool Halloween blog tour for DR. CUSHING’S CHAMBER OF HORRORS!

Check out their Dr. Cushing tour page for updates, but here’s the skinwalker skinny as it stands:

For a little the Halloween mischief, we’ll be holding an Easter Egg hunt during this blog tour. One of our bloggers has agreed to post a picture of a werewolf. First one to find the werewolf and comment “Werewolves, Mummies, Dr. Cushing’s, oh, my!” on the blog where the werewolf picture is found wins the Easter Egg hunt–and the tiny wolf stuffed animal below.
​Good luck… 🙂


The werewolf you’re looking for…


The wolf prize that you win. Arooo! And good luck!
Oh, and not to overwhelm you, but be sure to visit the blogs below and check out the Rafflecopter giveaways you find there.
After all, Halloween is the time for treats…
And who doesn’t love a goodie or two?


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Don’t forget to look for the HIDDEN WEREWOLF (no, the one on this page does not count!) and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!  Have fun!