FANG or NO FANG – Frost Harrow Poll

This week, I’ve been working on revising and updating the FROST HARROW covers, the first three of which had outdated designs from nearly 10 years ago. Mostly, I’ve been pleased with them. But… I wondered about the 2nd cover…
Originally, Glory — the hot undead blonde on the cover — merely looked alluring (see above and cover previews below). But should she be showing a bit of FANG? (And at the final size, will anyone even notice?) I decided to find out what YOU think!  So I’ve set up a poll…
Which do you like better: FANGS or NO FANGS?
Look at the images above and below, and then vote in the POLL by clicking here on Patreon.
The poll will last 1 week and everyone (even non-patrons) can vote in it. Though if you’re not supporting my work on Patreon, please consider it (Starts at $1!)
I look forward to you votes — and you can leave comments, too, if you like!

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