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Michelle Update

November 21, 2008 No Comments »

Here’s an update about Michelle & her family (from her sister, who works in comics): * Michelle has gotten her baby’s body and had had the funeral. Real-life is weirder... Read More »

A Tragic Story – Please Help

October 26, 2008 No Comments »

This is no internet rumor. I know the people involved, and the tragedy is real. There is a paypal account near the bottom for donations. Please pass this along to... Read More »

Larry Elmore Speaks! D&D, Art, and other stuff.

September 24, 2008 No Comments »

I had to share this video of artist supreme Larry Elmore. Not only because he’s my old old cell-mate at TSR, but also so I could test the video capability... Read More »

UNCANNY RADIO – On the Air Every Week – Podcasts

July 22, 2008 No Comments »

Join Stephen D. Sullivan & Linda Godfrey on Uncanny Radio every Wednesday night with live streaming on the WBSD or podcasts at the Uncanny Radio blog. Monsters? UFOs? Hollow Earth?... Read More »

Working on the Switch

July 20, 2008 No Comments »

After a couple of days just looking and thinking, I’m back working at the switch-over to the new site. If I’ve figured out what I’m doing, I may have this... Read More »

Second Day of the Switch

July 16, 2008 No Comments »

Well, here we are on day two and I’ve figured out how to get the site to vaguely resemble my old site.  I’m sure that once I get it all... Read More »

The Switch-Over Begins

July 15, 2008 No Comments »

As of today, I’m beginning the switch-over from my old, Front Page-based web, to this new, WordPress-based web. I’m sure there will be bumps and glitches, but — once it’s... Read More »