Daikaiju Attack – Paperback Out Now!

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Daikaiju Attack – Paperback Out Now!
Daikaiju Attack COVER v2 34per CROP

Now Shaking the World in Print!

Just in time for Halloween 2014!
Daikaiju Attack Is Out in Paperback!

So, those of you who have been waiting to get the full print-on-pulp experience, now’s your chance!  Click here to order it from Amazon.com.  And right now, at the end of October, 2014, Amazon is even offering the book at a discount from its usual $12.99 list price.  It qualifies for Prime shipping, too, which means that you’ll definitely have it in time for the holidays, and maybe — if you’re especially quick — even in time for Halloween!

Those of you wanting the e-book experience can find it here for Kindle, or here for ePub and all other e-book formats.

I’m very proud of this story, and I think the print book looks great — with some of the best design and production values ever in my work.

Pick it up now, and see if  you agree!


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