Heart of Steam & Rust

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Heart of Steam & Rust

Lina Ivanova wants YOU!

Imagine waking up in a strange hospital with no memory of how you got there and surrounded by people who might be your enemies. Russian agent Lina Ivanova finds herself in just such a predicament. To make matters worse, she quickly discovers that someone is out to kill her — and the last attempt nearly succeeded. Now she must navigate a maze of plots and counter-plots and even face Rasputin himself if she is to save her own life. Fortunately, Lina has an advantage that none of her foes suspect….

My new steampunk novella, Heart of Steam & Rust, is now available for all e-reader formats.  It features Lina Ivanova (from The Last Ranodon) and ties in (loosely) with my other Steam Nations stories.  Don’t worry if you haven’t read the others, though; HoS&R is self contained and a great jumping-in point for newcomers to my work.  Click the link below to get the e-book format that’s right for you, now!

Amazon (Kindle only)
Smashwords (Kindle, ePub, & all e-book formats)
DriveThruFiction (Kindle, ePub, & PDF – may require adult content login) 

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