Happy Mardi Gras on Mars!

February 21, 2012 No Comments »
Happy Mardi Gras on Mars!

Sometimes, you just have to seize a crazy idea and follow it through to the end.

My crazy idea today was to do a Mardi Gras illustration featuring Faye, the main character from my upcoming story “Elf Princess on Mars” — which, in itself, is another crazy idea, since I intend to release the story in the first part of March — with illustrations — and I only started working on it last week.

So, that makes doing the Mardi Gras on Mars illustration even crazier, as it’s spending time I should probably be using to do something else.

On the other hand, maybe it’ll pique your interest for the project.  Stay tuned to my Twitter and Facebook accounts for more info (and some other sneak peaks from the project).  Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter, too.

And, the day after, you might even find a more “New Orleans friendly” version of the illo in my gallery at Renderosity.  (Sorry, my timing was off to get it put up on the day.  Just pretend our photographer is still out having a good time and will get to it when he returns.)

Happy Mardi Gras from Faye & Friends!

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