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Welcome to my CUSHING HORRORS page, and the first novel of what I hope will be an ongoing series

The Dr. Cushing series centers on a collector of supernatural memorabilia, Dr. Leigh Cushing, and his twin (slightly psychic) daughters, Opal & Topaz, and the adventures they have with their collection (and obtaining it.

In addition to the original serialized story, I’ve also created a number of short Cushing stories, which I’ve been releasing every year at Christmastime.  You’ll find links to those at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a link to my post about my Monster Kid Radio interview on the series.

The first Dr. Cushing book should be out in print and eBook versions soon, but you can also support my work — including this and future serials — by clicking on my Patreon link either in this sentence using the graphic at the bottom of the page.

Click here to go to the DR. CUSHING’S CHAMBER OF HORRORS page for links to all the FREE serialized chapters of the book.

Read my FREE Cushing Horrors Christmastime stories:

A Shadow Over Christmastime” & Notes (2016), “Christmas Imps” (2017), “Krampus vs. the Werewolf” (2018), “The Mummy’s Gift” (2019)