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Support Tournament of Death

August 24, 2008 No Comments »

If I’ve finally figured it out, below should be a correct, working donation button for Tournament of Death — about 16 days too late. Oops. If I haven’t figured it... Read More »

Brief TOD Notes

August 13, 2008 No Comments »

Some brief notes on TOD, now that the tournament has actually started. I’ve got live updates of my work on the project going on at Twitter — a cool site... Read More »

TOD about to go Live!

August 8, 2008 No Comments »

I’m about to publish the first installment of Tournament of Death (the Prologue), after spending the day updating the site, adding new features, creating a separate blog for the fans... Read More »


August 6, 2008 No Comments »

The Olympics aren’t the only thing happening on August, 8, 2008. That’s also the date for the start of my new, online interactive project, Tournament of Death. If you click... Read More »

Some Good Reading

August 1, 2008 No Comments »

I recently joined GoodReads to do a bit of social networking and have a place to interact with fans and other professionals. You might want to sign up and join... Read More »

New Stuff on the Web Page

July 22, 2008 No Comments »

My revision of this web page is nearly complete — though I still have other content to update and add in from the old site.  Among the neat things added... Read More »

Steve at the Racine County Fair

July 22, 2008 No Comments »

Steve will be playing his guitar at the Racine County Fair on July 26, 2008 from 2-6 PM at the Democratic Party tent.  He’ll be singing folk songs (probably with... Read More »

UNCANNY RADIO – On the Air Every Week – Podcasts

July 22, 2008 No Comments »

Join Stephen D. Sullivan & Linda Godfrey on Uncanny Radio every Wednesday night with live streaming on the WBSD or podcasts at the Uncanny Radio blog. Monsters? UFOs? Hollow Earth?... Read More »

Welcome to the New Site

July 21, 2008 No Comments »

Look, Ma!  It worked!  After fiddling around for about a week, I seem to have gotten the new version of this web site up and running.  There’s still a lot... Read More »