Reviews of stuff I like – or don’t.

Ripe Conditions for a Fine Time — Review

May 9, 2009 No Comments »

Some friends of mine at work are involved with a local stage production — and they’ve done a very fine job. Below is my review of the play (cross-posed from... Read More »

Susan Boyle Performance

April 15, 2009 No Comments »

If you haven’t seen (heard) this, you need to.  Really Read More »

Martian Movies – What are your faves?

April 12, 2009 No Comments »

This question has been bugging me for a while now: Why aren’t there more good SF movies about Mars?  I mean, there are plenty of good SF books about Mars,... Read More »

Music to Write By

September 14, 2008 No Comments »

Just ported over the “Music to Write By” section from the old web site into the new one. You can find it at: PLAYLIST I’m behind on a short story... Read More »