The Twilight Empire: Robinson’s War

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The Twilight Empire: Robinson’s War

The Twilight Empire: Robinson’s War — sometimes just called “Robinson’s War” by its fans — is finally here!  The graphic novel was originally serialized in Dragon magazine in the early to mid 199os, and this is the first time it’s ever been officially collected.

Well, far better late than never, even though in this case, it’s been a long time coming.  When I created the Twilight Empire, both my children were but gleams in their parents’ eyes.  When I finished it, my daughter was just a baby and my son was in utero.   Now the boy is finishing high school and the girl well on her way through college.  What took so long?

Well, there’s a detailed explanation in the author’s notes of the book, but the basic story is that now I have the technology to produce the book, and back then, I didn’t.

So why not buy the book at Amazon and read all about it!  Not only will you get a fascinating history, but you get a kick-ass fantasy graphic novel as well!

Carefully conceived as a 151 page epic, The Twilight Empire not only stands on its own, it also presages — or some might say predicts — the rise of kick-ass warrior women such as Xena and Buffy.  Brenna and Finnella came before all that.  So join our fighting femmes plus Rob, Bill and the rest for this rolicking sword and sorcery adventure!  The story features some of my best writing (and more than a bit of my art & coloring) plus the fabulous art of John Hebert — and a supporting cast of guest pencillers that includes Paul “Alazar” Abrams and Fables‘ own Bill Willingham.

Buy it now.  (You’ll be glad you did.)

Cover for The Twilight Empire: Robinson's War paperback.

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